Text through your current church phone number

The number people already know and trust!

Works with your current church management software

Quick setup.
Saves admins time by easily reconciling credit card processing statements

Receive a free text message marketing account

Keep your congregation informed through text messaging. Increase attendance and get people connected!

How it works:

CrossText is a pioneer in mobile engagement solutions.

We help make it easy for others to give, and to do it at the lowest possible cost. Our turnkey solution raises giving and saves money by making it easy to give via text message and by lowering the cost to process credit card transactions.

3 quick steps to start CrossText mobile giving:
One page signup - 5 minute phone call
We text enable your existing business phone number
Start giving!

Increase giving while lowering costs…
the CrossText solution!

Live support is always just a phone call or text away.

Text Giving Pricing:

per month
per month
per month +

The best solution. Guaranteed.